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3 Minute stream of consciousness:

Circus of feeding frenzy dobermans with clown painted faces treading the tooth floss tight rope through the decaying decades and back out of the filling cabinet in to the lions mouth shitting cat food for the strong man throwing dummies onto the rhinos horn a catacomb of betrayal a cannonball of candy floss clouds sad eyes behind every red nosed ronald mcdonald chemical swoon swallowing the silver spoon gone rusty caged trapped caterpillars silhouette in the water tank chain mailed with black magic mushrooms, pull the pearly white grin from out of the hat, roll up roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty and whip those knees into shape, catch a body mid air, crocodiles nail jimmy to the chair, raw meat placed beneath the preys feet, ease the pain, drink whiskey and hop scotch across dominoes, somersault through hoops to get where we are, the net catches all our coins, free of capital I’m weightless, sitting on one of those sweet candy floss clouds, orbit becomes a carousel of love, what goes round must come around.

This is a Lee Ellis painting next to my musical mate Kieron ‘Two-Timing Tom Jones’ Pepper

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