23 Nov

Two-Timing Tom Jones

“Your private life is like a photographers dark room” said Alan Bennett to Morrissey. Imagine bumping into Tom Jones in that dark room says I to myself.


Two-Timing Tom Jones from Cursor Major on Vimeo.

19 Nov

Midnight ‘Mojito’, off the Constellation Prize EP

26 Oct

Give Up The Ghost Collaborator’s (Cardiogram) new track

My good friend and Give Up The Ghost track collaborator Cardiogram has just stuck up a new track, I like it, you might too


19 Oct

Tongue-Tied & Twisted

The tip of the tongue on the lips and the teeth the lips and the teeth on the tip of the tongue ‘Tongue-Tied & Twisted’


16 Oct

‘Tongue-Tied & Twisted’

New track of my new EP Constellation Prize, ‘Tongue-Tied & Twisted’



12 Oct

From the Cinema aisle

Watching MACBETH 2015 is like
sploshing without custard
custard without a spoon
spooning without breathing on your neck
nectarines without the redskins
redskins without the cowboys scratching
scratching without nails
nails without a hammer
hammer without a judge
judge without judy (the jury is apparently out…to get hearing aids, I guess they couldn’t hear a single hoarsely whispered word from the defense)
judy finnigan without clothes
clothes without style
style without substance
substance without abuse
abuse scandal without sex
sex without sploshing



Two-Timing Tom Jones from Cursor Major on Vimeo.

8 Oct

Life Upside Down

After seeing John Cooper Clarke last week I decided to cough up my own scribbles at an open mic last night. ‘Life Upside Down’.

Cursor Major's photo.

Two-Timing Tom Jones from Cursor Major on Vimeo.

8 Oct

Last Nights Dream

Dreamed this last night : The lone wolf is at an airport, waiting to board a delayed plane to Iceland. The volcano has blown it’s top, the kettle is steaming, the northern lights are mingling with the smoke to create an 80s cock rock concert in the sky. To pass the time Bruce Springsteen plays an impromptu gig. It’s custom at this airport to conduct a one minute orgy at 9am on the dot. Passengers are silently lined up in orderly rows, heads down, like a school assembly praying in front of their headmaster. On the tick tock tick beat of the Boss a religious experience ensues, much like the scene where Jean-Baptiste Grenouille releases his bottled scent in Patrick Suskind’s ‘Perfume’. Smiles turn into grins into lips into tongues into teeth into flesh. This could be should be blissful for the lone wolf but unhappy after spending so long cooped up in the pack he’s at the back looking out the window, headphones plugged into his Cohen/Yorke/Satie playlist. He waves away revellers, he turns friends into foes, he’s heading out of the airport on his own but secretly he loves them all. End of dream.

Cursor Major's photo.

Two-Timing Tom Jones from Cursor Major on Vimeo.


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