17 Sep

Cursor Major supporting Nothing But Thieves

Cursor Major are supporting indie synth poppers Nothing But Thieves this Friday (19th) at the Birdcage, Bristol.

We’ll be hitting the stage at 9.15pm

8 Jul

Bristol Harbourside Festival times

Cursor Major will be playing the Bristol Harbourside Festival on Sunday July 20th, headlining the Louisiana downstairs bar stage, 9.30-10pm

8 Jul

Out of the bedroom into the Studio….

Currently working on Cursor Cadet fave Two Timing Tom Jones. It’s on a journey out of the bedroom to Tim Allen’s synth geek studio room

In the Studio Video link

4 Jun

Win limited edition EP’s via Daily Rock magazine


Daily Rock magazine are giving away 5 limited edition Interloper EP cd’s, follow the link above to enter the competition.


29 May

Cursor support Menswear

Cursor Major will be supporting Menswear on June 5th at the Louisiana Bristol.

Address: Wapping Road, Bathurst Terrace, Bristol, BS1 6UA


25 May

The Blunderbuss Press review our Dot 2 Dot festival appearance in Poetic style

Cursor Major tear open the Louisiana 24 May 2014


Sifting my way through

expectant performance admirers

barely out of bed

freshly donned socks

intimate space

predominant brown

imagine us miniaturised

and squeezed in this box


movement within

those shrouded in half light

wires and valves

where right angles converge

a man sewn together

from shadows of curls

his comrades in foreground

bohemian injected standard office wear

sprouting retro-floral patterns

defiantly protruding facial hair

futuristic fairground attraction

amassing intensity

our hum-drum anxieties, they quickly submerge


An angular drum crack

bludgeons the air

electronic mouthfuls

a melodious marmite

universally enjoyed

warble-tastic T-Rex techniques

delightfully employed

as they jerk and judder

side to side in this box

images of Brian Ferry being force fed the buzzcocks


A change of colour

interlude of a kind

from spiral staircase climbing

and descent on a slide

Now notes impale and slash

tales of those kinky, bizarre and tongue tied

psychedelically staggering

like a slow motion drunk

if zombies could break-dance

and cross footed to punk

If The Killers possessed world worn hindsight

and some bin lids in their mix

disregarding directions

on which they once relied

screaming despair with a Prince-like swing

cursing their existence for its duality and tricks


Steroids re-applied

to a laid back metronome

negatively, positively

like a Buddy Holly epiphany

These gloc-a-lot harmony smugglers

hopping from musical stone to stone

sour centred pop confectionary

screaming the poetic phrases

containing a gleeful yet heart broken tone


An assessment of observers

from waist and below

reveals the twisting of knees

tapping of toes, fluttering of hips

underneath a sea steady sway

rolling of shoulders

and the curling of lips

As they playfully conclude

with a zigzagging tale

a Welshman we all know

a classy casio-esque score

worthy of children’s TV show

as you join in the tune

and hum it all the way home


As bewildered listeners disperse

Fuzz still tingling their ears

out of all those shrunk and placed inside

these box-bound buskers

encouraged such growth

The walls buckled it appears, with the tenacity they applied


Roger Ravencroft

A Blunderbuss Press distribution




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