7 Jul


‘Reboot The Robot’. Words for a new little ditty. Andy Stoddard visualises it.

28 Jun

Whilst wandering the Sahara

Andy Stoddard came across this message I left in the digital quicksand that is social media…

23 Jun

Minute Chain Of Thought

nuclear device or 99 bangers for bonfire night blew our skeletons clean out of the closet, the T Bone Walker blues, bad boy brigade sipping testosterone after Ms Millies on ice. Quavers melting on the tongue before the final curtain, the cheesy kiss ringfenced in blood red, fried cod piece on the hatless snowman, smoke shimmers from under the taxi, go getters go get them, pounding like picasso onto the concrete, crumpled up yellow note falls out the top pocket, Vicky says no cigar coke can shamen under the sugar radar of bullitt points, go faster stripes and bird brained dawn chorus smileys, go ahead try again but the cinics phone line is always off the hook, happy in the knowledge that theres much much worse than being alone, step 1 to data protect your emotional intelligence, step 2 go back to step 1


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